Sunday, 29 March 2015


The acronym GIS refers to Geographic Information Systems – a tool that allows #geographers and #analysts to visualize #data in several different ways in order to see patterns and relationships in a given area or subject. These patterns generally appear on #maps but they can also be found on #globes or in #reports and charts. The first truly operational GIS appeared in Ottawa, Ontario in 1962 and was developed by #Roger #Tomlinson of Canada’s Department of Forestry and Rural Development in an effort to use map overlays for analysis of various areas in #Canada. This early version was called CGIS.
The more modern version of GIS used today emerged in the 1980s when @ESRI(Environmental Systems Research Institute) and @CARIS (Computer Aided Resource Information System) created a commercial version of the software that incorporated the methods of CGIS, but also included newer “second generation” techniques. Since then it has undergone a number of technological updates, making it an efficient mapping and informational tool. | | | @RedearthGeo

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