Sunday, 29 March 2015

TIN has an atomic weight of 118.71

Tin is industrial, tin coats other materials to prevent corrosion, tin has an atomic weight of 118.71, but in #GIS, its a #sexy triangulated irregular#network. This network of vertices derives from a mass of points to create a #3D #map with x-, y-, and z-values. Being part of the #geogeek culture, this image is a 3D map with great #cartographicrepresentation, but I think when the GIS Supervisor said to the staff to create a 3D world map and drape it over a TIN, they mistook the request and provided this awesome version. This map is actually on a piece of corrugated TIN, and looks pretty marvellous. From #creative minds comes great products!@redearthgeo

Red Earth Geo GIS TIN
Red Earth Geo GIS TIN

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