Wednesday, 1 April 2015


The Three GIS Views

In #GIS, there are three different ways in which data can be viewed. The first is the #database view. This consists of the “#geodatabase” otherwise known as the data storage structure for #ArcGIS. In it, data is stored in tables, is easily accessed, and is able to be managed and manipulated to fit the terms of whatever work is being completed.
The second view is the map view and is the most familiar to many people because it is essentially what many see in terms of GIS products. GIS is in fact a set of #maps that show features and their #relationships on the #earth’s surface and these relationships show up most clearly in the map view.
The final GIS view is the model view which consists of tools that are able to draw new #geographic information from existing datasets. These functions then combine the data and create a model that can provide answers for projects. | | | @RedearthGeo

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